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Throne To The Wolves
Mar 9, 2010 by Limp22
New album is coming on March 16th! It names Throne To The Wolves. Tracklisting of this record is here.

You can listen to 3 new full tracks on

Review of new CD by AP

You can listen to preview of new album at

Travis Richter left the band, here is info.

Also From First To Last going tour, timetable (There is no Russia).

Our web-site is planning to update design soon.

New record is DONE!
Dec 6, 2009 by Limp22
Band ended vocals for the brand new record this week. Album is coming out on March 2010 as they said it on Twitter, and new song will be out soon! Waiting=)

Also new song up soooooon! we finished the new record. its heavy, fast, spacey and extremely offensive! ur mom will hate it, but we love it! - FFTL

the new fftl record is done. ready to sit back and let mind be at ease for a while haha. we leave for tour with alesana on friday - Matt Good

we finished the new fftl record. i can't wait to see how it goes over, especially considering it basicallly shit talks everything on earth - Matt Good

its coming out in march! its called "throne to the wolves" - FFTL

3-d guitarist of FFTL
Sept 23, 2009 by Limp22

Blake Steiner - 3-d guitarist of FFTL. He performed with band at summers shows and now recording the album. Matt Good will continue to play guitar, but now its gonna be solo basicly. Blake worked with Mia Medusa, thier EP coming out soon. Also known that Travis Richter helped Mia Medusa at recordings.
His myspace and twitter:,

FFTL going tour
Sept 23, 2009 by Limp22

From First To Last going to USA tour from 11 october till 22 october. With bands: The Color Of Violence (Derek Bloom & Travis Richter of FFTL), Miss May, Burned Of A Day, The Color Morale.

Jul 3, 2009 by Limp22
FFTL uploaded new demo-track on myspace. You can download it here - download.

@ Big Daddys
Jun 28, 2009 by Limp22
First show with 3 guitarists (3d is Blake Steiner). Live video from show Note to Self - watch

Jun 21, 2009 by Limp22

From First To Last will play 2 shows: june 27th at Big Daddys (Tallahassee) and 28th at McBia Conference Hall (Ocala, Florida)

New Site
Jun 1, 2009 by Limp22
You gonna see new site this month!! Everything will be new: design, info and BOARD!! Btw BOARD is on now, so go and join it -

New Song!!
Apr 23, 2009 by Limp22
From First To Last released new demo track, its name is - Demo, you can chek it on their myspace -

Apr 7, 2009 by Limp22

Today The Color Of Violence (Derek and Travis of FFTL) released the debut album - YOUTHANIZE!! (2009), you can listen to album and read interwiev with Derek here -

Mar 24, 2009 by Limp22
New part of FFTLTV is out, about Australian tour, watch it on youtube: WATCH!

Old-new song and other
Feb 17, 2009 by Limp22
Lets start from the most interesting, from first to last uploaded unreleased track from Heroine - Save US!
Audio interview of Travis at Rayn's Rock Show. You can listen to it here
New bulletins from myspace, from Travis, chek em:

hey everyone! its travis..i feel alot better, i have been sick, alot of you have sent me get better messages and what not and i really appreciate it..i can feel the healing energies of the universe uplifting my spirits..hahaha

anyways, we uploaded some old fftl songs for you guys to rock on the myspace..we arent ever gonna not play old songs probably and since the new album has been out for a while we felt like it was time to upload some old enjoy and we are gonna try and upload more in the future..

Me and derek have this side band on epitaph, most of you know about it as im always on here promoting it (haha shameless i know) THE COLOR OF VIOLENCE album, YOUTHANIZE will be released through epitaph on april 7th. its an intense record that strays away from typical heavy sounding music and we are really excited..epitaph uploaded a new layout to our myspace that uses some of the artwork from the record. We put up a new song a few days ago called ROCK MUSIC..its a pixies cover thats pretty true to the original ( im not about to put a fucking breakdown in a pixies song douche bag)

i wanna thank all the people who have supported us..there is still so many boring plain caca minded motherfucks who still come to our myspace being like wheres sonny, or ew you guys suck now (which is weird cause i have heard what you listen to hahahha) its fun being their entertainment tho..haha..i mean its pretty incredible when your band gets as many comments as blink 182 on ap. net (lol) we are no blink dont give us that many comments...even if they were mean..hah so yeah, thanks to everyone who has an open mind and have stuck by us, may your lives be blessed and may you find an abundant amount of joy in all you do.

add me on TWITTER!

twitter is kinda boring but its easy as pie to update..

im out! thanks so much for reading this, srry if its long winded, im bored and sick.

<3travis richter

being negative for attention
i have been sooo sick, like whoa sick...fever for almost 5 days and i cant hear because my ears are clogged which can be quite un nerving if you use your ears as much as i do.. anyways, this morning i woke up and was browsing through ap. net and i saw that blink made an update and had almost 169 replies...i searched down a little further and someone posted news that fftl was selling signed cds for 3 dollars.. i almost fell out of my chair at what some of the people said...i looked through bulletin comments and comments on our page and it blew my mind how hard people were trying to to twist that whole 3$ signed cd thing to be so negative..

alot of time its this game...half the time you wanna speak out and be like hey fucker i challenge you to a mental duel and if i win you vanish...but mostly you just hear dont worry about it, its not everyone, etc etc

all im saying is this..fuck you..who are you?? what have you done with your fucking life?? it pisses me off so much...nobody understands fftl, itd be safe to say that maybe 1% of bands get sued for millions by an ex member, or sees their glory boy lead singer leave with everyone constantly and still complaining...and then when you just try to keep going these weak minded ninkapoops just try to piss in your cornflakes...

i was talking to matt good about it, and i was like dude how are we still a band, how did we manage to see all this drama and negativity and still be here, and nobody knows...when some band that hasnt let you down yet (i guess) posts some shit its like people start sucking their dicks, but if we do something people try to forcefully bring us down and say how we are terrible..

i have a thick skin, i mean i havent fucking killed myself yet thats for sure...but im just kinda sick of it..this is a rant obv and if u dont like me or my band or the current status i just wish you would fucking go you want us to go away...have fun eating your cheetos and judging the world around you, you are only creating the worst type of reality in this life.

and to those who have stuck by us and continued to support us...thank you, srsly from the bottom of my really do outweigh these douche bags, i dont want you to think that their oppinions of us out weigh yours..

Latest news
Feb 9, 2009 by Limp22
I'll post it in 3 parts:
-The Color Of Violence, New post on myspace from Travis:
garth brooks.

Hey its always on this thing posting bulletins..
we had an awesome meeting today, well not we, just derek cause he is in LA for his bday, but he represented me so, WE (kinda) had an awesome meeting with epitaph about the new record.

yayyyy we are releasing a new song on our myspace February 10th..we aren't quite sure what song it's going to be, but if we decide soon ill make sure to make an informal announcement.

IF YOU USE TWITTER ADD ME (TRAVIS) on thereeeeeeee i just use the cov account haha

but mainly just travis.

-New Video, from Manning, how they drunk absinth, chek it out - VIDEO

-Get Free, Matt Manning's clothing line, here you can chek some stuff - Get Free

New Design!
Jan 17, 2009 by Limp22
I'm very glad to inform you that design on our site will be updated!!=) Besides new design, site will be loading quicker! New design is going to be released at the end of January - beginnig of February. And forum will be updated too! You will recive 30Mb free space for your files, will be less adveritsments on board. Several weeks for this update is left. Also, write us what do you want to see on the site through forum

Happy New Year
Jan 1, 2009 by Limp22

Our web-site wish you Happy New Year!! 2009 will be awesome year=))

FFTL TV 13 & Ding
Jun 16, 2008 by Limp22

Also you can buy new design for your device of FFTL=)

FFTL TV 9, 10, 11 & 12
May 28, 2008 by Limp22
From 9 to 12:

New album is out!!
May 6, 2008 by Limp22

New album is out now!! Go and buy it in your local music store!

FFTL TV 7 & 8
Apr 29, 2008 by Limp22
The latest two episodes of FFTL TV 7 è 8 (first - 8, last - 7):

Apr 12, 2008 by Limp22
Chek out this interviews with Derek and FFTL:

"Worlds Away" Video
Apr 2, 2008 by Limp22

FFTLTV & news about album!!
Mar 29, 2008 by Limp22
New video! In which Travis said that album comes not in April 29th - in MAY 6th!!! wtf??

FFTL Episode 4
Mar 22, 2008 by Limp22
FFTL TV Episode 4 is now ready for your viewing pleasure:

FFTL on the cover of OutBurn!!
Mar 19, 2008 by Limp22

The new issue of Outburn Magazine is available and features From First To Last on the cover. Click Here to read an excerpt from the cover story.

New FFTLTV's part
Mar 12, 2008 by Limp22
New video from band, which tells us about From First To Last's tour in Spain and about FFTLs interview on radio in US! Take a look!

FFTLtv & Spain
Mar 6, 2008 by Limp22
New episode of From First To Last TV, video from Take Action Tour Week 2, also FFTL went to Spain by MTV's invitation to play at MTV Winter Show. And self-titled album release date was changed on April 29!=( Next, live from tour and new post on blog about Spain:



we flew like 13 hours from albuquerque, NM into spain via one quick stop in Paris which was better than any other time ive been there.. 2 rad spainiards from Mtv picked us up from the airport and drove us to what is by far the greatest hotel ive ever stayed in...there's a butt squirter washing thing (i cant spell that word but its something like bday hah)
the onl channel on tv that isnt spanish is BBC world which just reports American news which is funny and cool cause its not biased..well maybe biased a little because we look dumb alot..anyways.. We drove to the arena and rehearsed our set and practiced with our rental gear, all is good here and tomorrow should be a fun day playing with H.I.M. and The Cure.. DEAR DALLAS,
Sorry we couldn't make it!! We hope you understand and hope to see you on warped tour this summer!
Thanks alot everyone for reading my update rant.

Video from tour
Feb 27, 2008 by Limp22
New video from Take Action Tour, very interesting, especially for those who play guitar - Matt shows how to play intro in Once Was Lost But Now Profound!

Some video
Feb 21, 2008 by Limp22
Take a look on some funny From First To Last's videos, on first you can see Manning, and on second you can see Manning & Ricky, and on third - Matt Good & Stuar=) Funny guyz.

Take Action Tour
Feb 17, 2008 by Limp22
Take a look new videos about Take Action Tour 2008!

Feb 11, 2008 by Limp22

Happy Bithday Matt!! Its his 24th birtday=)

Feb 9, 2008 by Limp22
Watch this two videos of From First To Last and Sonny. FFTLs video shows their home and Sonnys video is amateur-video-clip for his song. The funniest thing in those videos is that their endings are similar=)

From First To Last - At Home

Sonny Moore - Mora

Feb 7, 2008 by Limp22
We are open =) Now under a new name =) In the near future we will finish a site completely (till next week), and we will try to make a new forum! More cool!